Yoga Classes

Nikki’s classes feel intuitive and flow like a tonic for the spirit.”

Pilates for Health

A weekly tonic for your mind and body

Self Nurturing through Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Counselling and Self Love

Encouraging the richness of YOUR best life in Mind-Body, Health and Happiness.

Hello and Welcome.

My desire is to support you in moving forward towards deep fulfilment and authentic joy in your life. I offer you my knowledge, wisdom, intuition, empathy and unconditional-positive-regard in a well-spring of professional practises, that continue to serve me on my journey. 

Whether you wish to improve your relationships, health and fitness, loose weight, are dealing with self-criticism, fears, anxiety, menopause, bereavement or have a burning hearts desire to transform an aspect of your life let me assist you to move forward.  I can help develop your determined intention, to take action; to increase your compassion and vitality of mind, body and spirit. 

My 3 decades of training and professionalism and facilitation offers a unique blend of healing modalities that include Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, Counselling; and Self-development Groupwork such as: You Can Heal Your Life, Embracing the Inner-child and Relationship Workshops

I have 1:1 private clients as well as working for a local hospice and regular classes and group work across Halton and Rainhill. Now available from your own living room via Zoom. (My zoom in classes in Pilates, Yoga and Meditation are free to try first time.) You do not need to download zoom as I send link direct to your email.

It will be wonderful to hear from you.

Nikki x

Nikki Hill - Yoga - Pilates - Counselling - Mindfulness - Self Love - Self Nurturing

A Brief History of my journey so far

Beginning as a Sports Therapist, I developed an interest and trained in holistic therapy, reflexology, counselling and healing. The energy healing led me to mind-body exercise. I lived in an Ashram called Anahata in New Zealand living my yoga, learning the philosophy and meditation for a few months and finally trained as instructor, first in Pilates 2004 and then Yoga 2006 with Yoga Scotland. I taught Pilates in the Scottish Parliament building whilst living in Edinburgh. My journey was always led by a fascination with the human heart and Mind; in 2012 I trained as a Louise Hay practitioner in ‘You Can Heal Your Life philosophy’. Eventually I went back and finished my diploma in therapeutic counselling and have read and undertaken many modalities of training for my personal journey and for teaching purposes such as EFT, Relationships and Inner-Child Work and Mindfulness training. Over 3 decades I have developed my own style of therapeutic expansion of the heart, and the limitless freedom of a determined intention. 

Welcome to my journey, inspiring the richness of a best life in Mind-Body, Health and Happiness. I am honoured to to serve you.

Nikki x


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